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L to R: Jim Van De Carr, Matt Williams, Michael Moreira,

The Undesirables were the most steady
band I had in my teens. The core of
the band was myself and two childhood
friends, Jim Van De Carr and Matt Williams.Everyone kind of picked an
instrument, and we were a band.

Later, we found a second guitarist,
Graham Sproat, and became a quartet.
We weren't destined to become a big
band, but it was my first opportunity to
write and perform my own songs, and
we made an LP, which many bands
never get to do.

Listen to the album track, I Need You.
It is the Undesirables' sound in
essence: The Who and The Jam, with
a Johnny Rotten roll of the tongue.

-Michael Moreira


©p1987 Michael Moreira

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