Sassy Cat

Sassy Cat CD Single


Try a power-pop combo with a psychedelic twist

All songs: ©p1998 King/Milligan/Schletter
All rights reserved.


SASSY CAT is Mike King, Laura Milligan and
Eban Schletter.

Mike King (guitar) hails from the Bay Area where
he edited notorious snow board films for Mac
Dawg productions and Standard Films. He was
the guitarist for The Culprits and has performed
as a session guitarist on a variety of projects both
in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles.

Laura Milligan (vocals) is a veteran of freak
rock groups, including, MilliFenellie (post-
modern cabaret with former Redd Kross
keyboardist, Gere Fenellie), White Trash
Debutantes and The Wonderful World of Joey.
A former stand-up comic, Laura still dabbles
in the genre at Largo in L.A. She has been
seen on HBO's "Mr. Show," "Tenacious D"
and MTV's "Jenny McCarthy Show" (also
providing vocals for many of the musical
cues on those shows). She performed in
Andy Prieboy’s “White Trash wins Lotto” and
in a musical she wrote with Eban entitled
“Waiting For Studio 54.” She is currently
working on a novel.

Eban Schletter and Laura have played in
various bands together since they met in
San Francisco, years ago, in an all-glam
tribute band, "Snakes From Venus."


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